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Influencer Discovery

With Influencer Discovery you get a 360 degree view of the influencer so you can find the best match for your brand.

Keyword Search

A simple, efficient method to identify influencers who are qualified and open to partnering with marketers. Using a broad range of criteria and filters you can search for relevant, experienced influencers, including: age, gender, location, education, language, and more. Refine search results based on filters relative to the influencer’s audience or profile and quickly build and save named lists of influencers for fast future recall.

Robust Influencer Profiles

Explore each Influencer’s content, social connections, personal information, and audience data to see if this Influencer is the right candidate for your campaign.

Audience Data and Insights

Understand what the Influencer’s audience likes and engages the most with. You can also find the Influencers’s audience demographic information, such as gender, age, and location breakdown.

Influencer Lists

Build custom lists of your top influencers, keep track of your best-fits, or invite multiple creators to opportunities at the same time. Pre-made curated lists are also available in the Discovery dashboard based on popular search topics and categories.

Visual Search

Search through visual content of influencers with specific keywords such as “beach” or “surfing”, as well as specific brand names or locations where the image was captured.

Super-Easy Automation

Rapidly build and execute influencer marketing programs of any size, structure, or complexity. Include influencer communication, content creation and review, scheduling, and social activation.

Program Management

Structure programs the way you work and decrease your setup time. Create campaigns comprised of multiple assignments that can be tracked together.

Scheduling & Tracking

Schedule posts across multiple timeslots, invite influencers, and watch as assignments move through Open, Scheduled, Published, and even Past Due statuses.

Content Creation & Review

Built-in best practices for assignment creation and a fully automated workflow mean better content for both influencers and marketers.

Hard-Core Analytics

Delivers multi-channel tracking beyond blogs – Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – and analytics that makes quantifying true engagement, Total Media Value, and ROI easy.


Benchmarks help you compare the performance of your programs to industry standards and examines engagement rates to provide the best relative understanding of your influencer marketing campaign’s performance.


Actionable Analytics

Monitor real-time performance of your content with analytics that show you reach, views, and engagement across social channels.

Real-time ROI

Automatically analyze real dollar return on influencer investment and customize how much each channel is worth to you.

Influencer Performance

Learn which influencers work best for you. Slice, sort, and share influencer performance by Reach, Views, Engagement, Total Media Value, Rate, and ROI.

Boost your content

Meet our influencers. There’s over 50k with highly engaged audiences across multiple categories.

Your brand’s content created, amplified, distributed by the world’s most inspiring influencers and content creators.

Featured Influencers

Meet some of our Influencers:

Sage Goldnik
Jessica Raine
Gina Matsoukas
Sage Goldnik

Goldnique is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the values of individual style, aspirational travel and genuine self-expression. Showcasing Sage’s personal style, grooming and travel tips, Goldnique has become the manual for modern Millennial living.

Reach: 464K
AVG Blog
CPE $0.20
Jessica Raine

Jessica utilizes her personal style as a fashion statement to inspire others to be bold, and confident. She is constantly challenging new trends and exploring ways to make fashion fun and wearable for every woman.

Reach: 599K
AVG Blog
CPE $0.31
Gina Matsoukas
Running to the kitchen

Running to the Kitchen is a healthy recipe, fitness, travel and photography blog that looks to inspire people to eat well without sacrificing flavor and to make healthy food enjoyable & approachable. Wholesome • fit-minded • fresh

Reach: 225K
AVG Blog
CPE $0.56
Brands We Work With

“Having automated tracking is critical so we know in real-time what’s working and can change course or optimize as needed. TapInfluence has been essential to our success and allowed us to invest more budget into influencer marketing.”

Jamie Duklas
Stella & Chewy's Jamie Duklas Director or Digital & Social Media

“Working with TapInfluence gives us the tools to find the right influencers to advocate for our brands. The platform allows us to track actual, real-time results, which means no more estimates! And since the content lives beyond the campaign we continue to see engagement and value grow over time.”

White Wave Food Lori Ulanoff Digital Marketing Manager

“The TapInfluence platform has changed the way agencies and brands track and report influencer campaigns. It has elevated our productivity, allowed us to seamlessly scale, and provides unprecedented reporting to our clients.”

MtoM Consulting Tracey Harrington McCoy COO

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